Our Clients

RelyIntracast has a customer-centric approach to business, coupled with an ongoing commitment to technology advancement


We manufacture and supply castings to a diverse number of industries

RelyIntracast manufactures and supplies castings into the following identified core industries:

  • Defense (British Aerospace, Denel, etc.)
  • Petrochemical (Sasol, etc.)
  • Mining
  • Power Generation (Mitsui Babcock, Steinmuller, Actom, etc)
  • Marine
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • General Engineering
  • Automotive (VW, Nissan, etc.)
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pump and Valve (Sulzer, KSB, etc.)
  • And many more

RelyIntracast’s success in the industries we supply is attributed to our investment casting process which is ideally used where;

  • Close casting tolerances are required
  • Intricate and complex shapes are cast reducing or, in some cases, negating the need for machining
  • Where superior finishes are required, particularly in the use of carbon steel
  • Due to high costs or difficult to machine alloys, machining should be avoided or minimised
  • Changes in material specification due to prototyping or sampling may be required
  • Good strength to weight ratios are required for example where thin sections are to be cast in light alloys
  • Repeat orders or batch delivery is required investment casting is ideal due to low tooling costs and the longevity of the wax injection dies, the result is shorter turn-around times and an ultimate cost saving.

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