About RelyIntracast

RelyIntracast is the largest investment casting foundry in Africa. Situated in Boksburg, Gauteng, the foundry was originally established as a sand casting facility in 1953 with investment casting capabilities added in 1971.

What We Do

Investment Castings

We manufacture air melted alloys according to specific and individual customer needs

Speciality Alloys

We produce speciality heat and wear resistant alloys for various industries and customers.

Custom Design

We assist customers with design and material selection best suited for their requirements.

More About RelyIntracast

RelyIntraCast is a leading producer of investment castings that are produced locally within South Africa and exported to the whole of Africa.

Though Rely itself has been in operation since 1953, RelyIntracast is actually the newest investment foundry in South Africa having been formed by the merger of two of the leading investment foundries at the beginning of 2007.  RelyIntracast is an ISO 9001: 2015 SHEQ accredited company.

The RelyIntracast foundry is renowned for producing high integrity investment castings according to exacting specifications. We specialise in the manufacture of investment castings which are produced according to individual customer requirements.  All air melted alloys including stainless steel, specialty heat and wear resistant alloys, nickel alloys, cobolt alloys, non ferrous alloys and others are produced in our foundry in Boksburg.

Our experienced and qualified metallurgical team work from a state-of-the-art spectrographic and laboratory facility which provides quality control, design optimisation, testing and chemical analysis to ensure that we produce products of consistent quality.

RelyIntraCast sales staff are ably qualified and experienced to assess customer requirements to ensure that processes, material and designs result in the correct product being manufactured.

RelyIntraCast has a strong R&D base in excess of 15 years experience in Rapid Prototype (RP) casting manufacture.  We have been technical development partners in many university and research institute joint programs.

An in-depth knowledge of the investment casting process, combined with extensive application experience and above average metallurgical applications expertise, has enabled us to assist customers with design and material selection, ensuring a quality casting to meet the application requirements.

A customer centric approach to business, coupled with an ongoing commitment to technology advancement has resulted in RelyIntraCast establishing a centre of service excellence for customers.

RelyIntracast is a division of Intakobusi Holdings (Pty) Ltd which is the holding entity of a group of companies specialising in manufacturing across many industries.

Contact Us

512 Commissioner Street, Industrial Sites, Boksburg

+27 (0) 11 914 1640